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Hi, I'm Amira!

I’m an internationally renowned business lawyer, blogger, and coach with over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs protect themselves legally.

After seeing my father lose his entire business to a huge lawsuit that cost us $90,000, I decided to become a lawyer. With my full-time job as a lawyer, I founded A Self Guru, an online business dedicated to helping bloggers and entrepreneurs scale their businesses legally. 

I quit my 9 to 5 job after scaling my online business to making $78,000 a month! As a successful blogger and business owner myself, I understand the importance of legal protection while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. 

Let me help you become your own boss while safeguarding your business legally!

I have had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs and have been featured in over 200 media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, Ticker News, Authority Magazine, CEO Blog Nation, Create and Go, Dollarsprout, and many more.

Online Business Consult

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watch why our customers love working with us 1:1

How Dana from New York protected her brick and mortar and new blogging business with our legal templates and services (business consultations). 

How Tom from Illinois used our VIP legal bundle, LLC service, and business consultations to protect his online businesses.

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you will also receive free blog and business coaching during this call!

During our coaching call, I can also help you achieve your blogging and business goals, as well as answer any questions you have about your blogging business. Below are some examples of business and blogging questions prior customers have asked during this call to gain clarity and focus:

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"Amira has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and she's so generous with her time and expertise. I have been part of her Facebook group for quite some time now, and I can see that she truly cares about her customers and their success. Recently I needed a legitimate and complete robocall demand letter. I am getting illegal calls to my cell phone all the time. Amira did not disappoint! Her robocall demand letter template is easy to follow and fill out, which makes the process of demanding money from companies that call my cell phone illegally using an automatic dialer less daunting."
trinity testimonial aselfguru legal services
Trinity Danielle
Founder of The Pay at Home Parent
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Website Legal Audit

With this legal audit, you can rest easy knowing your online business is legal. I’ll go through your entire website, not just the legal pages, to make sure you are complying with all the laws and have the appropriate legal language to protect yourself from lawsuits! It involves an in-depth analysis of your website content, policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers, privacy policy, copyright notices, and other relevant legal documents.

It takes hours to review everything on your website, and you will receive my written audit report on how to make your website legally compliant along with legal solutions to implement. This way, you can catch any issues early on before they escalate into costly legal problems.

For a limited time, you’ll receive a special bonus – free access to my best selling Starter Legal Bundle with this service. The Starter legal bundle alone sells for $197 and includes all 3 legal pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions) + 9 awesome bonuses you’ll need for your website. ($1,500 total value). Even if you have purchased our legal bundle before, you will still need an attorney review of them to make sure everything is legally compliant and tailored to your business. You will get all of that and more with this service!

Website/Blog Legal Audit

$ 497
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Contract Review + Consult

Do you need a legal contract reviewed BEFORE you sign it to ensure that you are protected? If you need help understanding the legal jargon, this call is for you! OR maybe you have signed a contract but need help understanding your rights and responsibilities? This call is also for you!

I’ll go through the contract with you, answer your questions, and discuss any concerns you have. Schedule a free 30 minutes appointment with me at the time of purchase, and respond to the email we’ll send you. To that email, please attach the legal document or contract you’d like me to review.

Don’t sign your rights away. Get answers to all your legal questions about the contract, giving you the full peace of mind you deserve!


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Contract Review + Consult

$ 250 per contract

*Consultations will be on via Phone Call if located in the US, any consultations outside of the US will be done via Zoom.

"I purchased the contract review and consult to have my consulting contract reviewed and to ask a few legal questions about my business. Amira was very thorough in her contract review and walked me through each section to make sure I had the right language. Amira called promptly at our scheduled time and spent the time asking questions about my business so she could make sure all areas were covered in the consulting contract. I also purchased legal templates from Amira to make sure my business and website have the proper protection. I now am ready to sign clients! Thank you Amira!"
Vicki photo aselfguru client customer
Vicki Albers
Founder of Albers Accounting

"contract review + consult exceeded my expectations..."

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legal Contract Drafting

$ 547 per contract
*Consultations will be on via Phone Call if located in the US, any consultations outside of the US will be done via Zoom.
"Having templates drafted by a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer assures me that I'm getting quality documentation to protect my business from lawsuits. I started with the Legal Bundle then I bought the independent contractor agreement, NDA and affiliate agreement, guest blogger agreement, sponsored posts contract and media release agreement. With Amira's templates, I didn't break my budget, nor ruin my weekend plans."
ASelfguru Amira legal bundle reviews
Sherilynn Lai Fisher
Founder of Knowledge Curator

Legal Contract Drafting

Need a custom legal contract tailored to your specific business OR do you want me to customize one of my legal templates to your business needs? I’ll write a custom legal contract that takes away all your worries and concerns in this DONE FOR YOU service! It comes with a free 30 minutes consult with me as well, which you can book at the time of purchase to discuss everything you need. Your contract is ready in five (5) business days! or sooner for an expedited fee of $150 more.

Custom written contracts give you the complete peace of mind with the legal language specifically tailored to your business needs. This service is quite affordable instead of paying another attorney by the hour! (which can easily results in thousands of dollars). 

This service is a steal considering I charge $350 to $500 PER HOUR. Whether it takes me 3, 5 or 10 hours to draft your contract,  the price will be the same so you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or extra costs. Plus, with my expertise in contract drafting and entrepreneurship, you can trust that your custom contract will cover all necessary areas and protect your business to the fullest.

Here are some recent examples of custom contracts I’ve drafted for others:

"i will never use another lawyer..."

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Nachole testimonial (good)
A Self Guru Amira's custom contract drafting service for business
Krystina custom contract drafting testimonial for A Self Guru



$ 397 1 hour zoom call

Need help forming an LLC for your business, so you can shield yourself from liability, protect your personal assets and keep them separate from your business?

Get complete peace of mind and avoid common LLC mistakes with our most popular $397 Flat Fee “Done With You” LLC formation service (One Hour Zoom Call) where you and I will get on a zoom call, share our screen, and complete the LLC paperwork together within an hour! I will guide you step by step on how to complete and file the LLC paperwork, so you’ll learn how to do that on your own for your future businesses to save SO much time, money, and headaches.

For a limited time, you save $200 off on this service (original price is $597) and it includes everything you need:

1. Conducting the LLC name search for the business (statewide)

2. Filing the Articles of Organization and completing the LLC paperwork

3. Customizing the LLC Operating Agreement for your business (please purchase this agreement for your LLC if you don’t have our template already)

4. Completing and Filing the EIN application for your LLC 

PLUS learn 3 Common LLC mistakes to avoid and information on next steps such as the business bank account you’ll need

And answer any other legal questions you may have about your business! Hurry, spots are limited and this special price ends soon. 

You would be responsible for state filing fees, and this LLC service doesn’t include fictitious name or doing business as (DBA) filings. We can certainly discuss if you need that filed but you would book a separate legal consult for that.
"I needed to create a DBA for my business, and I could think of no other person than Amira to help me with this. As a user of her templates as well, I have been very satisfied with both her templates, services, and professionalism. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal assistance!"
ASelfguru Amira legal bundle reviews
Christina De Jiménez
Founder of Melanated Girls Around the World
"I just started my online business and wanted to protect my personal assets with an LLC from the beginning but I had no clue how to file an LLC on my own. The legal paperwork scares me, and I didn't want to make legal mistakes. I have purchased multiple legal templates from Amira including her VIP legal bundle, so I knew she provided excellent quality products and services. I booked her Done-with-you LLC service where she showed me exactly how to complete and file the paperwork correctly! I can't believe how easy she made the whole process, and now I feel confident and secure in protecting my other businesses with LLC's in the future as well. Thank you so much, Amira for providing this awesome affordable service!"
Daniel Sharp customer aselfguru
Daniel Sharp
Founder of Daniel Sharp
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"this is not easy stuff and there is no way i could have done this myself..."

Alexis testimonial of A Self Guru LLC service
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"Thank you so much Amira for helping me form my LLC! Amira was happy to answer all my questions and made sure I had all the info I needed! She handled my personal information very safely! Very trustworthy and supportive! I would recommend her to anyone needing these services! Thanks again! I look forward to keeping up with your offers.!"
Julia Owen
Founder of Simply Anxiety

"I've just experienced the most efficient llc setup ever, all thanks to amira..."

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done for you llc service

$ 597 per LLC
*Consultations will be on via Phone Call if located in the US, any consultations outside of the US will be done via Zoom.

"done for you" llc service

This service is perfect for you if you want everything done for you! As a business lawyer, it’s my job to make sure your LLC paperwork is filed properly. 

If you want us to file the LLC completely on your behalf (meaning you simply provide us the details and we file the paperwork for you instead of doing it together over zoom and teaching you how to do it yourself), then send us an email with information about your business and where you live (state/county).

This way, we can provide you with a Complete DONE FOR YOU LLC price quote (our fee is $597) but the quote will include your state fees as well, so you know exactly how much it will cost OR schedule a call with me above to get answers to your legal and business questions first.

"amira's legal services were a life saver for me (done for you llc in texas)."

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"I scheduled a coaching call with Amira, and I'm really happy with the outcome. She is a really experienced blogger and provided helpful advice to my questions. I already have some experience building a blog and she gave me great tips to take my business to the next level. I really liked that she shared some of her personal experiences as real life examples for her advice. Now I feel really confident about my blog. I really recommend her. Thank you, Amira!"
Braulio testimonial aselfguru review
Braulio Xoel
" I recently bought the Legal Bundle as well as a 30-minute phone consultation with Amira prior to launching my website. As a Licensed Counselor, I know the necessity of covering myself legally, but I was completely lost in how to do that with creating a website and blog. Amira’s templates were incredibly easy, user-friendly, and applicable to whatever type of blog you are starting. During our phone call, Amira was friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to answer every question I had. After receiving the services from her, I feel much more at ease in knowing that I am covered legally as I step out into this adventure of launching a blog. I would highly recommend Amira’s services and products. "
ASelfguru Amira legal bundle reviews
Taylor Draughn
Founder of Taylor Draughn Counseling

Sponsored Content Creation for Your BUsiness

We offer all kinds of advertising and sponsorship and create 100% original content including blog posts, social media posts, and videos to promote your business.

We will promote your products and services to our email list of 50,000+ subscribers, 25,000+ social media followers including our Facebook group, giving you the best exposure possible!

Guest Post Opportunities

We welcome high-quality guest posts on a range of topics. Visit our guest post page to learn more about our guidelines and how to contribute to our blog by clicking the link below.


Book Amira for your next TV segment, event, seminar, podcast, workshop or interview.


High quality affordable legal templates to safeguard your business in less than 30 minutes! 

100's of 5-star reviews

If you have the right tools on your side, protecting your online business legally doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful.

I’ve had the honor of working with thousands of entrepreneurs and helping them go from confused and intimidated by the law to breathing a huge a sigh of relief in as little as 30 minutes! 

Are you next? 

I’m SO excited to work with you too! 

Amira is an awesome and interesting person who is very professional and personable. She is not only an actual lawyer but also a blogger. So when it came time to build my legal pages I went all out and bought her legal bundle templates for my blogs because I needed all three legal pages and it is the best deal. I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THEM.

Lisa Mcgrath

Elizabeth McGrath

Founder of Goldhardtpm

I just got the Legal Bundle, and it is an absolute lifesaver! I was stressing out, because my blog has been growing and I knew I needed to legally protect myself, but how? I found Amira's bundle and was confident buying it, because of her background in law. Read more...


Lauren Toomey

Founder of The Laurie Loo

Thankfully I haven't been burned yet but I know it happens and I didn't want to be open to any liability issues. So I was pumped when I came across this Legal Bundle that literally has everything I needed at a fraction of the price from other bundles that I have seen. The thing was, all the packages I found were like $1,000 plus Read more here...

Nicole aselfguru legal bundle testimonial review

Nicole Santer

Founder of Nicole Santer

After wasting days researching reliable legal templates that I could afford, I stumbled upon Amira's legal templates. After purchasing her templates, I feel so confident and relieved knowing I'm covered legally. All her legal templates are super easy to customize, so reasonably priced as compared to what I saw out there, and it hardly took any time before I began using them! Read more...

Michelle Sillery

Michelle Sillery

Founder of The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy

I bought Amira’s Legal Bundle this weekend. Had it customized and on my site in less than half an hour! Imagine all the HOURS saved! I could not imagine having to create these pages myself. Money well spent, time well saved! Thanks, Amira!

Kacey Dowling

Kacey Dowling

Founder of Kacey at Bat

In my personal experience, it is great working with Amira! She is SO helpful and has made a major impact in my life with tips and encouragement as well. Trust me, all this legal stuff isn’t easy! There is so much to look into but I highly recommend including her in your journey in blogging and making your own business! She puts your desires first and reaches full expectations all the time!


Serina Batista

Founder of Gracefully Caffeinated Mama

I purchased Amira's legal bundle and had a personal call with her and could not be happier with everything! It was soooo easy to change the template to suit my needs for my website, and literally took me 10 minutes to do. SUCH a time saver, and now my mind is at ease knowing my site is legally protected. I also had some legal questions about my business, so I scheduled a 30-minute consultation call with Amira. Read more here...

Liesel Ann testimonial Legal Bundle Business Coaching call Aselfguru

Liesel Ann

Founder of Mommy Labor Nurse

I'm extremely happy that I bought the legal bundle and had my coaching call with Amira! If you're anything like me, you do your fair share of researching as you delve into the world of blogging but let's face it...we aren't lawyers! It's comforting to know that I have the CORRECT information on my website and everything is legal. The documents were easy to download and access. Very user friendly! Read more here...

ASelfGuru testimonials amira law legal templates review

Annie Smith

Founder of Pancakes and Snuggles

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