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Affiliate Program

Join our high-paying affiliate program and start earning a 40% affiliate commission on each sale! That’s $60 to $200+ per sale!! 

Our Legal Bundles are the essential legal documents and contracts every entrepreneur needs. So share your affiliate link and help others become legally compliant. If you have purchased our legal templates already, then this is the fastest way to earn your investment back!

No purchase is required to join our affiliate program. 


Commission Payouts Year to Date
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Top affiliate makes per month
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  • This is an example of an affiliate earning $2,500+ in a single month from our program, and this entrepreneur has already earned a total of $12,515.88 in affiliate commissions in just a few months.

How to Sign Up


Join the Email List

Sign up for our Email list to be kept in the loop of Promotions, Sales.

Sign Up As AN AFfiliate


Sign up as an affiliate within Kartra. This will give you access to your Affiliate Dashboard.

Earn Commission


Start using your affiliate link to earn a generous 40% affiliate commission on each sale!

Your Affiliate Dashboard

Before signing up as an affiliate, subscribe to our email list to receive free marketing training and helpful information on how to make money as an affiliate. You will also be notified of special sales and promotions periodically.

Affiliates promos
A Self Guru Affiliate Program to Make Money Online
  • That’s it! Now you are ready to start using your affiliate link!
  • Kartra keeps track of all your affiliate links and any sales generated by them. Kartra will send you an email once you have made a sale.

Important: *If you have your own affiliate program, be sure to download our affiliate agreement template. To limit your legal liability, this template includes the essential terms and conditions that your affiliates must accept before promoting your products.


Our biggest affiliates and earners are small business owners just like you!

This is because our legal templates work for entrepreneurs in any industry. Any online business, for example, will require legal pages on its website, so promote our Starter Legal bundle for that! Take a look at some of the different ways you can earn affiliate income in various niches.

getting Paid

Affiliate commission screenshot aselfguru
  • All products are set at 40% commission. You can promote as many legal templates or bundles as you like!

Payments are made on or about the first of each month, 30 days after your affiliate sale through PayPal. Your PayPal and tax information must be entered in Kartra in order to get paid. 


Visit the legal store here to see all the legal templates you can promote and use these images to do so.

The above are just a few examples of products that can be shared, everything on the legal store page can be promoted.

How You Can Promote Products (REAL EXAMPLES)

There are many ways to promote our legal templates such as writing a blog post, making a video, sharing them on social media or with your email list, and more.

But our top affiliates earn money on autopilot every month through blog posts and videos! Watch how my customer Adrian made $5,500+ from my affiliate program even with a small blog!

Here are a few hundred blog post examples to get you started: Go to my Pinterest profile here to see all of the different blog posts written and videos created by my affiliates that convert well into sales. Watch the video below to learn 8 secret ways my affiliates make thousands of dollars. Check out these video examples from my customers as well. 

And the best part is… We will promote your blog post or video to our 50,000 email subscribers and 30,000 social media followers, including our Facebook group, for free!

Send your blog post or video to [email protected] and tag us on social media when you share it!

Do NOT copy anyone’s blog posts! These are simply great examples of how you can write a blog post or create a video about my legal templates. 


These are the best ways to earn affiliate income from our legal templates, which have proven to work extremely well for our customers, earning them hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on autopilot. When you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll get it for free!

frequently asked questions

Watch the video or read the instructions above to get started! It’s pretty easy to become an affiliate and won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

No purchase is necessary. It’s free to join the affiliate program. Although the majority of our affiliates are customers, a few are not and have still earned affiliate commissions. 

All the legal templates and bundles you see in our legal store. You’ll earn a 40% affiliate commission on all products

It’s entirely up to you! The affiliate program is account-wide, which means you don’t have to get an affiliate link for each template or bundle separately to earn a commission. For example, if you grabbed the link for the “Comprehensive Legal Bundles” shown above and someone clicks on your link and purchases a different legal template, you’ll still earn a commission because they clicked from your affiliate link. Another example: if you’re writing a blog post and need to share multiple legal templates, it’s best to use the affiliate link for each so you can easily direct people to the appropriate sales page.

This is the page you’ll come back to after registering as an affiliate in Kartra to get your affiliate links. So make sure to bookmark it! 

Watch the video or read the instructions above to get started! It’s pretty easy to become an affiliate and won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Affiliate payments are only made through PayPal, so enter your PayPal information in your Kartra affiliate dashboard. Payments are made on or about the first of each month, 30 days after your affiliate sale. Your PayPal and tax information must be entered in Kartra in order to get paid. 
Please make sure you are NOT using the same login information that you used to access the legal templates in the Kartra membership area. That login won’t work for your affiliate account. You must create a new affiliate account in Kartra by following the instructions above. If you forgot your login information, such as the password, then click on “forgot password” here, and a new password will be emailed to you.
If you are still unable to login after completing all of the steps above, please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you.
When someone purchases through your affiliate link, Kartra will send you an email informing you that you made an affiliate sale!
You may use our product images as part of our affiliate program and to promote our legal templates. Simply right-click to download any legal bundle or individual legal template image from our legal store here.

LEgal Compliance

You are free to promote your affiliate links on all of your social media, websites, and email marketing in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations in the United States and worldwide, including but not limited to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You will not be eligible to receive any commission if a product is returned or refunded.

Our affiliate policy is subject to change at any time. Please revisit this page in the future for any updates. We also reserve the right to terminate your affiliate relationship with us at any time for any reason. When you sign up, you will receive more information on our affiliate terms and conditions as part of our affiliate agreement.

You agree to indemnify and hold us and/or our officers, employees, successors, shareholders, joint venture partners or anyone else working with us harmless from all losses, claims, damages, demands, actions, suits, proceedings or judgments, including costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees (“Liabilities”) assessed against or otherwise incurred by you arising, in whole or in part, from any violations of affiliate rules and laws relating to affiliate marketing.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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