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I’m often asked how I make over $78,000 a month blogging

So I’ve put together this recommendations page for you. 

Here you will find the  BEST blogging and business resources starting from courses, books, products and other tools that took me from $0 to over $20,000 blogging per month, then $35,000 a month blogging, then $44,000 a month blogging and now I make over $60,000 a month using these tools and resources! (all while working full-time as a lawyer)

These are ALL investments I made in my business to make money in my first month of blogging! I’ve invested in hundreds of courses and tools but I only recommend a handful of products that have truly moved the needle for me!

These recommendations will work for you whether you are a beginner or advanced blogger as long as you put in the work.

This page may contain affiliate links. Read the Disclosure for more information. Did you know 10% of my earnings go toward feeding the ORPHAN KIDS AROUND THE WORLD? So just know that every time you make a purchase through me, you are making some kid SMILE around the world. We are so grateful for your love and support!

best-selling Legal Template Bundles for your business

Here are my 3 best selling Legal Bundles trusted by over 30,000 entrepreneurs I’ve helped as a lawyer for over a decade.

Whether you are looking to make your website legally compliant in just 30 minutes, avoid GDPR and CCPA fines or protect yourself and your online business legally, or get contracts you need to run your business legally, grab any ONE of these comprehensive legal bundles to take away the legal overwhelm! (Plus did I mention you can get 16 cool bonuses?)


Bluehost is a great web hosting company for beginner bloggers and this is what I used when I started my blog!

They are super affordable and I’ve never had any issues with them. Their customer service is excellent as well.

Start your blog or online business with Bluehost here.

Bigscoots is the fastest WordPress hosting you’ll need once your website starts to gain traffic and if you want your site to run fast. 

Their customer support is great and you actually get a response within 5 minutes! 

They offer a 45-day guarantee to show you why they are the best or you get your money back! 

Unleash your website’s full potential with HostGator – where speed, reliability, and support unite for your online success.
Join the millions who trust HostGator for hassle-free web hosting, and take your online presence to the next level.

Start your flawless blog hosting with Hostgator here.

Elevate your website’s performance and security with SiteGround – where hosting excellence meets your online dreams.
Join the SiteGround community and experience hosting with ultra-fast speed, paving the way for your online success.

Best Blogging Courses

This is the perfect blogging course to launch your blog and take your blog from $0 to $1,000 a month quickly. 

This course helped me launch my blog within 7 days while working full-time as a lawyer (imagine how much time and headache I saved!). It also helped me make money blogging in my first month. I made $3700 in just 2 months of blogging

Learn all about affiliate marketing, the best affiliate programs to join, sponsored posts, guest posts, ads, and much more to monetize your online business!

It is taught by two six figure bloggers who walk you through everything. Read my full review of this course here.

Lena Gott’s “Traffic Transformation Guide is a great book of strategies to take your blog to the next level.

 Lena’s expertise took her from 17,000 to a staggering 400,000+ monthly page views in just 10 months. Her 100+ page guide offers 21 powerful strategies, sparing you from the usual trial and error. 

Lena’s precision and real-world insights ensure you know not only what works but also what not to do. Invest in this book, and you’re investing in your blog’s success. Don’t miss the chance to boost your traffic and online influence. Access the guide and embark on your blogging journey to success.

Elevate your side hustle game with “Launch your side hustle” by Daniella Flores. This all-in-one course is your gateway to turning your side hustle dreams into a reality.

The course covers everything, from laying the foundation with the “Launch Your Side Hustle Roadmap” to choosing a profitable side hustle, making money from your business idea, legal aspects, brand creation, managing finances, and setting up systems for success. Three bonus modules add extra value to your journey.

You can launch your side hustle with confidence and expertise. Daniella Flores has your back, guiding you every step of the way.

Transform your hobby blog into a thriving $1,000 per month online business with “Bloggers Secrets” by the Savvy Couple. This course is your roadmap to turning your passion into a profitable venture.

This course empowers you to create a personalized monetization strategy using ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and product sales to boost your profits. Building an email list is a cornerstone of blogging success, and the Savvy Couple will guide you through their step-by-step email marketing strategy.

This course presents a proven, step-by-step sponsorship system that can help you secure sponsorships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 or more for your blog and online business.

With six high-impact modules and ten fast result bonuses, you’ll receive a comprehensive education on mastering the art of securing sponsorships. Also, join the private Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals and gain additional support.

Lings’ course ‘Treasure Map to Blogging Success’ is a step-by-step guide to building a successful blog from scratch in just 30 days. 

This comprehensive ebook, with over 380+ pages, covers everything from setting up your blog without any tech skills to optimizing your blog’s potential and crafting essential pages. Plus, you’ll find bonus content on creating high-quality blog posts with ChatGPT in just 15 minutes.

Unlock passive income streams with “Affiliate Marketing Roadmap” by Tracie Fobes. This step-by-step course is your proven system for bloggers, guiding you on how to grow your business, boost your income, and live life on your terms.

Discover the secrets of making passive income from your blog through affiliate marketing. From the basics to advanced marketing techniques, you’ll master the entire process.

Accelerate your journey to a profitable blog with “Blog Accelerator” by Tracie Fobes. This comprehensive course grants you access to not one, but five courses, providing all the knowledge you need to set your blog up for success. 

From the blogging playbook and blog analytics to posting perfection, easy printables, and turning productivity into profits, you’ll discover the full spectrum of skills required to not only set up your blog but to become a successful blogger.

Master the art of affiliate marketing with “Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers” by Carly. This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to get started, from understanding the basics of affiliate marketing and important terminologies to evaluating the profitability of different niches.

Discover how to identify “money” niches for affiliates and gain insights into the difference between traffic-focused posts and income-generating posts. Carly shares her expert tips on finding the best affiliate programs and highlights the four best types of affiliates to focus on for maximizing your earnings.

This ebook is your gateway to discovering insider tips and hacks that have allowed Debbie to consistently earn $18,000-$22,000 every month through affiliates.

This compendium of knowledge includes 93 insider tips that set you on the path to marketing like a pro. Learn how to sell without sounding like you’re pushing products and how to replace banner ads with more conversion-friendly alternatives. With three videos to guide you through creating tracking IDs and insights into the best types of posts for generating affiliate commissions, you’ll become an affiliate marketing expert.

I used this course the most! This is the ultimate course which takes you through all the steps and strategies to make a six figure income and live your dream life! So many people have taken this course and started making six figures which allowed them to quit their 9 to 5 jobs! This is what motivated me to buy this course!

Because of this awesome course, I was able to create my own legal templates here within 2 weeks after launching my blog. It taught me everything from creating sales pages, creating products, designs, sales funnels, getting testimonials, etc (it’s a very comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know!)

This course helped me monetize my blog within the first month of blogging because I learned how to create and launch my own products! Not only was I able to create my own products so quickly, in just two months of blogging, I made $3,700 with only 13 blog posts published, 55 subscribers at the time and $0 spent on advertising my products at the time. Highly recommend this course if you want to make money from your own products!

This Pro Blogger Bundle includes all 3 courses listed above at a huge discount:

  • Launch Your Blog Biz
  • Pinterest Traffic Avalanche
  • Six Figure Blogger

I purchased this bundle because it provided the best value for the money.

Because of this awesome course, I was able to create my own legal templates. It taught me everything from creating sales pages, creating products, designs, sales funnels, getting testimonials, etc (it’s a very comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know!)

This course walks you through the complete ABC of blogging and helped me go from 0 to $60,000 a month blogging with my full-time job! 

Becoming A Blogger

Becoming a Blogger is an awesome course that teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a successful blogger as quickly as six months or less! It is packed with tons of valuable information and is taught by Cate Rosales, the founder of SweetandSimpleLife.com.

Cate is a well-respected experienced blogger who is super approachable and passionate about teaching others reach their full potential! 

I had the pleasure of working with Cate recently where I wrote a guest post for her blog and she was a delight to collaborate with! I can personally vouch for her product because she’s that good! So if you are low on budget and need a course you can rely on to succeed quickly then check out Becoming a Blogger here.

affiliate marketing, simplified!


Affiliate Marketing, Simplified is another awesome course by Cate Rosales that teaches you everything you need to know about making thousands in affiliate income! BUT it is sooo reasonably priced as compared to other courses I’ve taken, so definitely take advantage of this special price before it goes up! 

AI tools

This is the ULTIMATE AI tool to effortlessly craft any content for your business, delivering a 10x speed boost. With its arsenal of 500+ prompts and templates, it simplifies and accelerates the creative process, saving you valuable time and money.


This is the BEST AI tool to create any kind of content for your business 10x faster with its 500+ prompts and templates to make things super easy and fast saving you SO much time and money.


This is the BEST AI SEO tool to rank your blog posts on the FIRST page of Google quickly!  I have found great success with it, and I am sure you will love it. 

This is the PREMIER AI writing tool that will elevate your writing to the next level. With its powerful features, you’ll craft impeccable content while saving time. It’s a game-changer, and I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

The “Outranking Tool” is your ultimate solution for dominating the competition in the online realm. Armed with powerful features, this tool will propel your rankings to new heights while delivering remarkable time-saving benefits. Experience a game-changing tool that’s bound to leave a lasting impression!


Every once in a while, you will need some WordPress help or fixing something that’s broken on your website. I recommend this service. I particularly used their Amazon broken images fix here because Amazon recently updated their terms that caused some broken images on my website. 

On December 31, 2023, any links created from SiteStripe with Image or Text+Image will stop working as per Amazon.

This will create broken images on my website wherever I shared their affiliate links – not a good look.

That’s why I signed up for this service to get that fixed without any hassle. Give them a try if you need help!


Welcome to Trademark Factory®, where your brand’s safety is their priority. They offer a revolutionary and risk-free trademarking solution, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, this service is perfect for those aiming to build a six or seven-figure business within the next 2-3 years. 


This course ‘Boost Your Traffic’ authored by Frances presents 50 strategic steps to transform your website into a resounding success. It caters to a diverse audience, whether you’re a novice, an intermediate blogger, or a seasoned businessperson. Even after years of study in traffic growth, this course offers fresh inspiration. If you’ve ever felt like your efforts to attract visitors are in vain, this is your solution. Success knows no bounds with these ambitious strategies.

Unveil the secrets of prolific blogging with “How To Write 20 Blog Posts Every Month” as your guide. Discover the power of quality content and uncover the key to crafting compelling blog posts. 

Learn how to identify your target audience, define your content’s purpose, and master the art of creating engaging posts. With over 100 blog post ideas, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Cultivate the right mindset and develop a strategic editorial calendar for a consistent and impactful online presence.


50% off your email marketing

Flodesk really elevates your email marketing experience! You can design beautiful looking emails that your subscribers will love receiving. It also comes with stunning email templates.

Try it for free and get 50% off here.

MailerLite transforms your email marketing journey! Craft visually
stunning emails that captivate your audience, ensuring your subscribers
eagerly await your messages. Explore a range of exquisite email
templates for a personalized touch.

Second Best Email Marketing Service

Convertkit  is the second best email marketing service for your business, in my opinion. I started with them but I switched to Kartra because it’s a one stop shop for all your online business needs!

But I loved how easy it was to use ConvertKit. It is very user friendly. It works seamlessly with WordPress and is very easy to integrate the forms on your site. I didn’t have any prior experience with Convertkit or WordPress yet I was able to create multiple forms and landing pages within minutes and post them on my site. 

I love the automation features it offers and how easy it is to customize your email sequences. Convertkit is currently offering a great 30 day free trial, so check it out because there’s no risk in getting started and seeing how you like it!


Elevate your goal-setting game with the “Slay Your Goals Planner” by Nadalie Bardo. This comprehensive 75+ page printable goes beyond the typical planner. It offers a date-free format, empowering you to set and achieve your goals effectively. 

The planner includes goal setting worksheets, motivational quotes, and meticulously crafted pages for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning. It’s the ultimate, all-in-one planner that will revolutionize how you approach your goals.

Join Nadalie Bardo in her #GoalSlayer Program, a transformative journey featuring 6 comprehensive modules that unveil the Goal S.L.A.Y.E.R. Method. 

With over 12 hours of on-demand video lessons, you can learn at your own pace. But that’s not all – enjoy insights from ten top experts, from mindset to motivation, and harness the power of workbooks, eBooks, guides, and printables in every lesson. Plus, you’ll become part of the exclusive #GoalSlayer Community for invaluable support and accountability. Don’t just set goals; become a true Goal Slayer!

This Nadalie Bardo’s “Goal Setting 101” 8-lesson journey is your gateway to a life filled with purpose and excitement. Even if you’re starting from scratch, this course will guide you through the process with relatable examples and practical worksheets in every lesson. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to meaningful and achievable goals that you’ll be thrilled to pursue.

Introducing Ling’s Ultimate Power-Up Budget Binder: Your all-in-one financial tool. This binder includes detailed tracking sheets for income and expenses, a flexible cash envelope budgeting system, savings trackers, monthly dividers, bill payment and debt repayment logs, plus motivational quotes to keep you on track. Organize your financial journey and power up your budgeting today.

Best All-In-One Business Platform

Kartra is by far the best all in one business platform for everything you need! It is super powerful and you can do everything from creating email opt in forms, sales pages, landing pages to creating your own products and selling your products, membership sites, setting up an affiliate program, and much more all through one platform- Kartra!

Watch this video where I show you a BEHIND THE SCENES look at how I do EVERYTHING using Kartra.

This means no need for separate platforms such as Convertkit, Clickfunnels, Lead Pages, etc. Everything can be done now in Kartra for half of the price! I started with Convertkit because at the time, I did not know about Kartra but once I learned all about what Kartra can do, it was a no-brainer to switch from Convertkit to Kartra. Try it for 14 days for just $1.00! Read my detailed review of Kartra here.


Struggling with Pinterest? Pinterest takes months to master but you don’t have to wait that long. 

Learn to pin like a pro and Pinterest SEO, keyword research, how to create viral pins and a lot more! Check out this awesome course here

Here are all the awesome courses by HerPaperRoute that you’ll love!

This all-encompassing course provides you with the essential strategies to elevate your Pinterest for Business account. From creating a Pinterest-ready profile to mastering keyword research and optimizing pins for SEO, Megan’s course is your key to Pinterest success. 

Explore pin design and high-converting strategies, learn how to read analytics, and understand your audience for content that captivates. Start your journey to Pinterest marketing excellence and see your results soar.

This course “Pinterest Virtual Assistant” offers self-paced learning, saving your progress for a seamless experience. Gain lifetime access to the invaluable VA Ninja template library, featuring templates for essential business processes like monthly packages, contracts, questionnaires, and monthly reports. Evaluate your current skillset and embark on a journey to become a highly skilled Pinterest Virtual Assistant, poised for success in the world of Pinterest marketing.

30 Click Worthy Pinterest Templates are my favorite right now! Take a look at them and let me know what you think in the comments below.

You get really eye-catching uniquely designed templates that will truly save you HOURS!

You can easily drag and drop these Pinterest templates, adjust your image,
and BAM… you have your customized pin done in seconds!

This is the secret to making my pins go viral on Pinterest.

This 20 Click Worthy Pinterest Templates kit has the most beautiful templates I’ve ever seen!  It comes with 20 click-worthy Pinterest templates for Canva in 600 x 900 pixels and  1260 x 600 pixels. 

Customize them easily to fit your branding and begin using them right away!

Unlock the secrets of boosting your Pinterest traffic with Carly’s “Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers.” In this concise 20-page course, you’ll discover seven remarkably simple tricks to supercharge your Pinterest traffic by making strategic changes to your headlines. The best part? These tricks don’t require weeks of effort or hours of your day to implement. It’s a quick-win solution to drive more traffic to your blog.

Get ready to master the art of Pinterest with Carly’s “Pinteresting Strategies 2.0.” This comprehensive bundle is packed with value, including the legacy “Pinteresting Strategies” course, Pin Title Traffic Hacks, Pin Design Rules to Break, The Pinterest Niche Site Deep Dive, and a bonus training video from Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind Group. 

On top of that, you’ll receive 15 pin templates, a bundle worth over $173. Whether you’re a Pinterest pro or just starting out, this course bundle provides a treasure trove of knowledge and tools to boost your Pinterest game.

Embark on a journey to boost your page views with Ling’s “Golden Compass to Pinterest Traffic.” This 380-page e-book, along with FREE BONUSES, offers a comprehensive roadmap to rapidly increase traffic from Pinterest to your blog. 

With a 5-week planner to suit your schedule, Ling guides you through the essentials, helping you build a solid Pinterest foundation. Learn the art of perfect pin design, crafting captivating headlines, and making your profile Pinterest-ready. Action-oriented worksheets in each chapter accelerate your journey to achieving traffic goals.

Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing your traffic, subscribers, and sales for FREE with Nadalie Bardo’s “Pinterest Popular.” Imagine achieving more without the daily grind of pinning. If you’re not new to Pinterest and know what popular pins and profiles should look like, yet still feel something’s amiss, this course is for you. With three steps to Pinterest peace, you’ll exhale your frustrations and self-doubts.

Elevate your pin design skills with Nadalie Bardo’s “Next Level Pin Design.” No need to be a graphic designer – your extraordinary content deserves eye-catching pins, and this course is your golden ticket. 

Unleash your pin design prowess with training that dissects the elements of a click-worthy pin, a 60-Minute Click-by-Click Canva Masterclass revealing Canva’s secrets, handy course materials, a list of top stock photo and font resources, and a bonus Branding 101 Color Scheme training. Your Pinterest presence is about to get the upgrade it deserves!

Ace your Pinterest game with the “Pinterest Template Bundle.” Get
450+ stunning templates, tutorials, stock photos, and more.
Revolutionize your Pinterest presence and make your pins stand out.




This one is a very unique and beautiful kit of all kinds of Canva graphics you can think of starting from Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, ebook and others!

If you are tired of struggling with designing social media marketing graphics for your business and want to get on the “fast track” to cranking out EPIC graphics to promote your business on social media then check out this amazing kit.

If you are looking for a DIY design course to create professional graphics, visual designs, workbooks, printables and more in Canva then check out this amazing course.


I can’t live without Canva! It’s one business tool that I use every day for different things and you can do so much with it such as:

Creating a logo, branding kit, resizing images, and you also get thousands of free templates at your fingertips. 

It comes with 75+ million premium stock images, photos, videos, and graphics too! 

Try it for free here.

This “CANVA Bundle Social Media Pack.” is mega best-seller bundle, valued at $571+, offers a whopping 2498+ social media templates for just $29. Plus, you’ll enjoy free updates, and once you purchase the bundle, you gain access to all future CANVA templates indefinitely. Elevate your social media presence and stay ahead in the design game.

This “Karla Photo Mockup Bundle” is a collection of minimalist-styled stock photos and versatile mockups, inspired by Scandinavian design, offers a premium setting to showcase your creative work. Ideal for entrepreneurs, designers, and creatives, this bundle ensures a cohesive and stylish brand image package that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

“Easy Printables” is your stress-free guide to creating enticing
printable products, even if you’re a graphic design novice. Whether you
want to build your email list or boost sales, printables are a powerful
tool. This course simplifies the process, teaching you to use four different programs, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Don’t miss out if you’ve ever struggled to create the forms and resources others offer.

“Best Seller Bundle Eviory,” a mega bundle available at an incredible 85% discount, making it a perfect holiday gift for yourself. Valued at $1255, you can now access over 20,000 items and templates for just $59! With a wide range of items that seamlessly complement one another, this bundle empowers you to boost social media engagement, create stunning visuals, design logos, animations, and decorative content.

Meet Edgar is a game-changer for social media management, offering a unique approach to content scheduling and automation. Its content library, evergreen posting, and category-based organization make it a top choice for businesses and individuals seeking to maintain an active online presence without the hassle of constant manual posting. 

By streamlining your social media strategy with Meet Edgar, you can save time, ensure consistent posting, and effectively engage with your audience, making it a valuable tool for boosting your online brand.

Making Sense of Sponsored Posts

Making Sense of Sponsored Posts is a great course I took to learn all about making money from sponsored posts. Blogging can be really difficult but with this course, you will learn a new way to make six figures without millions of visitors to your blog. 

The creators of this course, Michelle and Alexis, earn more $10,000 from sponsored posts EVERY month! And in this course, they both share their best tips to help you earn that first $1K or $10K from sponsored posts too!

I loved the course especially the 5 modules and bonus lessons including a list of all the networks where you can sign up for sponsored posts. I wasted a lot of time trying to find this information for free, and I know I’d have wasted some more MONTHS if I didn’t take the course. Even then I doubt I would have gotten everything I did from this course!

Some of my favorite parts of the course include:

  • What are sponsored posts and how they work
  • Why sponsored posts are a fantastic source of blogging income
  • How to pitch brands
  • How to build trust and not lose followers
  • Required disclosures that you need to know about

Sponsored success by tracie fobes

Tracie‘s Sponsored Success course has everything you need to work with brands like a pro! It is so reasonably priced and easy to follow. If you are new to sponsored posts, read this post to find out how to make $10K with sponsored posts.

I love how organized the content is and she teaches you how to pitch yourself to brands, how to determine your sponsored post rates, how to write and finalize your sponsored posts and most importantly, she even covers the legal issues you need to know when working with brands such as having a sponsored posts legal contract and providing proper disclosures in your posts! 

As a lawyer, I look at everything from the beginning till the end, so for me, this course is a complete resource you NEED to start making money from sponsored posts. 

I’m also getting approached by brands to produce sponsored content, so the bonuses included in the course such as the media kit templates, invoice template, sponsored posts rate calculator have been extremely helpful for me and have saved me tons of time. I don’t have to worry about creating any of this on my own because Tracie has professionally done this for us already! 

I highly recommend you check out this course if you are serious about making money from sponsored content! 

*As an added bonus: You get my Sponsored Posts Contract template extra $25 OFF when you enroll in this course (total savings of $50 off for you from the original price)


Best SEO book I read to learn how to build backlinks without blogger outreach! Very easy to read and you learn tons of secret SEO tips. 31 different ways you can build backlinks and increase your website domain authority and Google ranking! Get the bundle deal here.

Best SEO book  you need to rank #1 on Google and increase your organic traffic from search engines! This book takes out all the guesswork and simplifies SEO in easy terms anyone can understand + I loved the SEO blog writing checklist as part of the book that I use every time I write a blog post now. Get the bundle deal here 

Save $20 off on this bundle now

Save $20 off and grab this bundle of the two most popular SEO books to rank on the first page of Google and increase your pageviews!

Check it out here.


This comprehensive 60+ page eBook provides invaluable insights and practical advice to help you harness the potential of Google Analytics for boosting both your website traffic and income. Say goodbye to analysis paralysis and hello to actionable insights with this must-read resource for bloggers and website owners.

Introducing “Easy SEO Revamp” by Debbie, the ultimate three-step system designed to supercharge your SEO efforts using Google Search Console. Learn how to boost your rankings and conversions for existing articles with this comprehensive course, featuring 36 lessons, 13 instructional videos, and three handy printables for efficient research and data tracking. Take your SEO game to the next level and witness improved results in no time.

This comprehensive course offers a six-step strategy to supercharge your blog’s performance. From setting up your website for optimal SEO to mastering keyword selection, utilizing SEO tools, crafting top-notch content, and building valuable connections with other bloggers, this blueprint guides you through every aspect of SEO success. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned blogger, you’ll gain insights and techniques to drive a steady flow of profitable visitors to your blog.


The best SEO course I took to increase my Google ranking, domain authority and gain more organic traffic from Google. This course is for beginner and advanced bloggers!


SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools out there. I use it all the time when my SEO blog research and advertising. You can do a lot with it when it comes to managing your SEO and can try it for free here to see if you like it!


This Confidence on Camera course was created for people who want to do videos to promote their business, create online courses, host webinars and produce video presentations. 

There are 40 lessons filled with actionable tips and techniques and 8 downloadable crib sheets. We tackle topics like on-camera nerves and fears, scripting, storytelling, set, lighting, audio, talking to the camera and accents.

if you want to stop listening to all the useless advice about video and actually listen to someone who knows what works and gets permanent results then you must learn from these professionals with 25 years of television, radio and video production experience!

These are the same tips and tricks I’m using in my videos these days.

and for a limited time, you get the course 50% off! What a steal because each lesson is only $1 for you!

My favorite lesson is by far #6 Going on Camera and check it out here


Did you know you can flip a website or blog and make money as your side hustle? So even if you have a full-time job, learn how to flip websites in 30 days and make $2,500 or more per month. Learn how this mom makes six-figures flipping blogs here

The Art of the Microflip is a 25+ text-based and video tutorial lesson course and has an active student community, tons of resources and more.

For a limited time, my readers get 20% off the course, The Art of the Microflip using coupon code – ASELFGURU at checkout. 


This is another blog flipping course that’s pretty awesome where you learn everything you need to develop and sell your blog. You also learn affiliate marketing and SEO + social media marketing. 

Click here to learn more! 

Best Social Media Scheduler

I am going to be honest, when I first started using Pinterest, I did not like it! It was too much work for me – making pins, pinning, repining and that too on a daily basis! I would easily spend  4 HOURS in a day doing nothing but Pinterest. It got addictive and was a huge time suck.

Same thing when I started with Instagram! It was also time consuming and not easy to post through your phone worrying about saving the best hashtags, etc. Tailwind has really solved both of those problems for me! Now I can use my time wisely doing other things for my blog and business because all my pinning and posting is on auto-pilot!

EASY TO USE WordPress Theme

Divi, part of Elegant themes, is the most popular theme nowadays! I have used Elegant themes and started with Divi but then switched to their Extra theme which is perfect for bloggers! But honestly I love both Divi and Extra themes because they both are very easy to customize and use. 

I did not have to spend more than a day creating my website layout and all my pages because there was no coding needed whatsoever. Everything was easily laid out for you, and I have not taken any training either. I also do not come from any technical background. So for all these reasons, I love this theme and highly recommend it for a beginner blogger.

Want some more options? Check out these themes too! 

Discover the allure of BluChic Themes, where style meets substance. Tailored for female entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses, our themes are more than just design; they’re a statement of sophistication and empowerment. With pastel palettes, user-friendly layouts, and an emphasis on femininity, BluChic Themes elevate your online presence.

The themes are not only visually stunning but also incredibly user-friendly. They’ve transformed my blog into a captivating online space that perfectly reflects my brand. If you’re looking to make a powerful and elegant statement online, BluChic Themes are the way to go. It’s been a game-changer for me!

WPengine is your premier hosting solution for WordPress themes. Equipped with robust features, it empowers you to create and manage your WordPress websites seamlessly. It’s a game-changer, and I’m confident you’ll be impressed by the unparalleled benefits it offers to enhance your WordPress theme experience.

Astra is your premier choice for WordPress themes. With its powerful features, it transforms your website-building experience, making it efficient and effective. Astra is a game-changer, and I’m confident you’ll be impressed by the exceptional capabilities it offers to elevate your WordPress theme journey.

Best Business Accounting Software

Freshbooks is the best business accounting software. It is true to its name- FRESH and is very user friendly! It’s so easy to use and is the best accounting software for your business. You can automate your invoices, keep track of your expenses and time with just a click and the mobile app integrates perfectly with Stripe, Shopify, G suite and so many others to make accounting a breeze for your business!


WP Rocket is more than just a caching plugin; it’s the ultimate solution for supercharging your WordPress site. With its unrivaled power, WP Rocket dramatically enhances your page loading speed, elevates your PageSpeed performance score, and optimizes your Core Web Vitals, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Say goodbye to sluggish websites and hello to lightning-fast performance with WP Rocket.

Teachable is the platform that empowers creators to share their knowledge and monetize their expertise. Whether it’s through courses, coaching, or downloadable content, Teachable offers the tools you need to connect with your online audience and earn on your own terms. Start turning your passion into profit with Teachable.

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Favorite Blogging Books

This is a good simple beginner guide for blogging. It is reasonably priced and provides you lots of value where you can quickly start blogging right away!

Great resource on how to make money from blogging with simple, easy to follow steps and real examples. 

All Time Favorite Books

This short simple book by Louise L. Hay is my favorite to begin the day with! So many people I know including myself who read it first thing in the morning to set their positive intentions for the day. It’s really important how you begin your day and what mood you are in because that has a direct impact on how your day progresses. This little yet powerful book is a reminder to think happy thoughts and once you start getting in the habit of doing that, you will start to manifest those thoughts in reality.

Brian Tracy is well-known as an amazing motivator and writer. This book will truly transform you in ways you can’t imagine!  You will learn some of the best-proven habits of millionaires and how to be one! 

I found it easy to read and no matter what stage of your life you are at, you will benefit from the tips and action steps provided in the book to help you achieve the results you desire.  In my experience, this book not only helped me so much with my business but also with my personal growth. 

Everyone has some “bad habits” and often, we don’t even realize that we need to evolve and replace our “bad habits” with “good habits.”  This book really helped me get rid of my “bad habits” and as a result, I am so productive and happy every day. Yes, your habits have a direct correlation with your happiness as well!

Tony RobbinsTony Robbins is another successful self-made millionaire that teaches you how to take massive action. I have read his book – AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN– several times and every time, I learned something new! Now I keep an audio copy of the book in my library at home so whenever I need to refresh my mind, I read a passage that provides practical insight and techniques I can implement easily. You will love this book!
Wayne DyerWayne Dyer was one of my favorite writers! Your thoughts dictate your actions. If you are one of those people who views the “glass half empty” rather than viewing the “glass half full” then you MUST read this book and transform your thinking completely. This book taught me how to completely stop thinking negatively and eliminate thoughts that were hindering my progress. Now I know what my erroneous zones are and how to find a positive in everything. This book will help you reach your true potential!
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