Amira Irfan is a business lawyer, blogger, and coach who turned her passion for helping entrepreneurs into a life-long mission.

After watching her father’s business get sued for $90,000 for a legal mistake that could have been avoided, Amira decided to become a lawyer, so she could prevent other entrepreneurs from suffering the same fate.

With over 10 years of legal experience, she started her side hustle, A Self Guru, a million-dollar company, that teaches bloggers and entrepreneurs how to make money online and legally protect their businesses. 

Through its affordable, easy-to-implement legal templates and coaching services, A Self Guru has helped over 30,000 entrepreneurs make their businesses legal in as little as 30 minutes, giving them instant peace of mind and saving them a lot of money.

Amira regularly engages with her community of over 50,000 email subscribers and 30,000 combined social media followers and maintains a 5-star customer review. 

Her insights have been recognized and featured on Yahoo FinanceBusiness Digest Magazine, HerPaperRoute Podcast, Authority Magazine, CEO Blog Nation, LadyBoss Blogger, and more as shown below.

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A Self Guru

Amira Interviewing VIP customer, Kristen Marie, on her experience with the legal templates

Moon Tarot

Amira is an awesome and interesting person who is very professional and personable. She is not only an actual lawyer but also a blogger. So when it came time to build my legal pages I went all out and bought her legal bundle templates for my blogs because I needed all three legal pages and it is the best deal. I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THEM.
Elizabeth McGrath
Founder of Goldhardtpm

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Signature Video Group

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Other Media Features

I just got the Legal Bundle, and it is an absolute lifesaver! I was stressing out, because my blog has been growing and I knew I needed to legally protect myself, but how? I found Amira’s bundle and was confident buying it, because of her background in law.
Read more…
Lauren Toomey
Founder of The Laurie Loo
Thankfully I haven’t been burned yet but I know it happens and I didn’t want to be open to any liability issues. So I was pumped when I came across this Legal Bundle that literally has everything I needed at a fraction of the price from other bundles that I have seen. The thing was, all the packages I found were like $1,000 plus...
Read more…
Nicole aselfguru legal bundle testimonial review
Nicole Santer
Founder of Nicole Santer
I bought Amira’s Legal Bundle this weekend. Had it customized and on my site in less than half an hour! Imagine all the HOURS saved! I could not imagine having to create these pages myself. Money well spent, time well saved! Thanks, Amira!
Kacey Dowling
Founder of Kacey at Bat
After wasting days researching reliable legal templates that I could afford, I stumbled upon Amira’s legal templates. After purchasing her templates, I feel so confident and relieved knowing I’m covered legally. All her legal templates are super easy to customize, so reasonably priced as compared to what I saw out there, and it hardly took any time before I began using them!
Read more…
Michelle Sillery
Founder of The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy
In my personal experience, it is great working with Amira! She is SO helpful and has made a major impact in my life with tips and encouragement as well. Trust me, all this legal stuff isn’t easy! There is so much to look into but I highly recommend including her in your journey in blogging and making your own business! She puts your desires first and reaches full expectations all the time!
Serina Batista
Founder of Gracefully Caffeinated Mama
Video by Vogue MediaIs Your Website Legal
I purchased Amira’s legal bundle and had a personal call with her and could not be happier with everything! It was soooo easy to change the template to suit my needs for my website, and literally took me 10 minutes to do. SUCH a time saver, and now my mind is at ease knowing my site is legally protected. I also had some legal questions about my business, so I scheduled a 30-minute consultation call with Amira.
Read more…
Liesel Ann testimonial Legal Bundle Business Coaching call Aselfguru
Liesel Ann
Founder of Mommy Labor Nurse
I’m extremely happy that I bought the legal bundle and had my coaching call with Amira! If you’re anything like me, you do your fair share of researching as you delve into the world of blogging but let’s face it…we aren’t lawyers! It’s comforting to know that I have the CORRECT information on my website and everything is legal. The documents were easy to download and access. Very user friendly! I highly recommend her!
Read more…
ASelfGuru testimonials amira law legal templates review
Annie Smith
Founder of Pancakes and Snuggles
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